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Default Passwords - Vendors - W


Hopefully the passwords below will be a good starting point for your vulnerability assessment/penetration test:


Manufacturer Product Version Protocol User ID Password Access
Watch guard firebox 1000 Multi admin (none) Admin
Watch guard firebox (none wg Admin
Watchguard SOHO/ SOHO6 All FTP user pass Admin
Webmin HTTP admin Admin
Webramp wradmin trancell Admin
Webmin HTTP admin Admin
Web Wiz Forums 7.x HTTP administrator letmein Admin
Westell 2200 Multi admin password Admin
Westell Versalink 327 Multi admin (none) Admin
Wireless Inc. WaveNet root rootpass Admin
WWWBoard WWWADMIN.PL HTTP WebAdmin WebBoard Admin
Wyse rapport 4.4 FTP rapport r@p8p0r+
Wyse Winterm 5440XL Console root wyse Admin
Wyse Winterm 5440XL VNC VNC winterm VNC
Wyse Winterm 9455XL BIOS (none) Fireport BIOS
Wyse winterm Multi root (none) Admin