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Bing Web Server Probe


This is a tool for security researchers. It allows you to search for either an IP address or a DNS name and display all associated domain names known to Bing.
  • If a specific IP address is searched, all domain records associated with that address are displayed
  • If a DNS name is searched, all domain records associated with all addresses returned for that DNS name are displayed (this case is shown in the screenshot below)

Two separate self-contained versions of the tool are available: command-line-based and GUI-based. The GUI version can be spawned directly from the browser - no installation or additional files are required - just click on the link in Downloads and select Run.

Both versions require the .NET Framework 3.5.


It is available from here




Tip: - Drop the www prefix, you will get much better results :-)


Note: - Longer URL's wordwrap due to boundary limitations in the GUI



Address =
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