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A Bluetooth enumeration scanner, the goal of the haraldscan project is to gain as many MAC address mapped to Bluetooth device vendors as possible.  If whilst testing users see an entry on the CLI stating that the Vendor is 'Unknown".  Harald Scan will creat a file in the same directory with the first 6 characters from the MAC address with all the information it could gain from the device. Submitting this to the author ( will allow him to add it to the MACLIST if the Vendor can be determined. Eventually this may be an automatic function.


It is available from here




Unpack to a directory

May need to chmod +x haraldscan (as root)

Run './haraldscan -b' to build database

You are ready to go



Usage: ./haraldscan [options]



--version                     show program's version number and exit

-h, --help                     show this help message and exit

-b, --build                    Builds MAC Addr database. Ignores all other options


--flush=FLUSHNUM  When db = size entered. Flush entries to a different database (useful if combined with -m)

-m, --memorydb         Puts the database in Memory instead of a file on disk

--no-service                Disables service scans on 'Unknown' devices

--no-write                    Disables writing discovered device info to a file

-s, --service                Does a service scan of all devices found and saves a file like a 'Unknown' device would


--time=NMINUTES    Shows number of devices found per time specified in mins (default is 15 mins)

-u, --update                Updates the MACLIST if there are updates and rebuilds the database (requires and Internet connection)


--write=FILENAME   Outputs discovered device info to a file you specify (unspecified: filename is a timestamp)


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