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Goolag Scanner (gS) is a standalone windows GUI based application released by the Cult of the Dead Cow which uses a pre-defined xml-based configuration file to carry out specific Google web based searches (known as dorks) based on the work/ findings in the Google Hacking Database



Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0


It is available from here.



Simply double-click on the exe.




Insert the domain to be tested and select the dorks to test against:



Unfortunately one of the side effects of running too many dorks against a site is the danger of getting blocked by Google:



After inserting the verification code requested by Google in the browser, Goolag will continue until the next block that is!) and a final report is produced, in this case no issues were found:



Using this program out of the box is not recommended and a fine-grained use of dorks is required.  This may prove useful to some, but I believe some more work needs to go into this application for it to prove really useful.  There are better programs out there at the moment such as wikto/ nikto and especially maltego which are of more use.


Its one to watch though, the Cult of the Dead Cow are back and their offerings are usually well worth trying. 


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