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Oracle Client


To configure an Oracle Client on your testing host, first register and download a copy of Oracle from:


Run the executable and select Client install only.

Once installed click on:


  • Start   --> Programs

            --> Oracle - orahome92

            --> Configurations and Migration Tools

            --> Net Configuration Assistant

  • Select --> Local Net Service Name Configuration

  • Select --> Add

  • Select version of Oracle

  • Add    --> Service Name (Obtained from WinSID)

  • Select --> TCP for Communication Preferences

  • Select --> Hostname

  • Select --> Port no. (1521 by default)

  • Select --> Yes (To perform a test)


Note: - If the test fails change login credentials to those obtained from OScanner/OAT)

  • Reinsert --> Net Service Name

  • Close the Configuration Assistant.


Note:- I used Oracle 9i as I had a copy already.


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