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theHarvester is a tool for gathering e-mail accounts from different public sources (search engines, pgp key servers). Is a really simple tool, but very effective.


The actual current sources supporteed are:


google: google search engine -

msn: microsoft search engine -

pgp: pgp key server -

linkedin: linkedin page - Will search worker names given a company name.


It is available from here.




Simply download the file.





-d: domain to search or company name
-l: limit the number of results to work with(msn goes from 50 to 50 results, google 100 to 100, and pgp does'nt use this option)
-b: data source (google,msn,pgp,linkedin)


./ -d -l 500 -b google
./ -d -b pgp
./ -d microsoft -l 200 -b linkedin


Example output:


C:\> -d -l 200 -b google

*TheHarvester Ver. 1.4 *
*Coded by laramies *
*Edge-Security Research *
* *
Searching for in google :
Total results: 50200000
Limit: 200
Searching results: 0
Searching results: 100

Accounts found:

Total results: 14


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