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Default Passwords - Vendors - U


Hopefully the passwords below will be a good starting point for your vulnerability assessment/penetration test:


Manufacturer Product Version Protocol User ID Password Access
Unex NexIP Routers HTTP n/a password Admin
Uniden VoIP System UIP1868P HTTP admin   Admin
Uniden VoIP System UIP1869V HTTP admin admin  
Uniden VoIP System UIP300 HTTP user 123456  
Uniden VoIP System WNR2004 HTTP UNIDEN    
Unisys ClearPath MCP  Multi NAU NAU Privileged
Unisys ClearPath MCP Multi HTTP HTTP Web Admin
US Robotics ADSL Ethernet Modem  HTTP (none) 12345 Admin
US Robotics ADSL gateway wireless router HTTP support support Admin
US Robotics SureConnect ADSL SureConnect ADSL Telnet support support User
US Robotics SureConnect  ADSL Ethernet/USB Router 9003 Multi root 12345 Admin
US Robotics USR8000 1.23 / 1.25 Multi root admin Admin
US Robotics USR8054 admin Admin
US Robotics USR8550 3.0.5 Multi Any 12345 Any
US Robotics USR5450 admin Admin
US Robotics Total Switch amber Admin
us21100060 hp omibook 6100 Multi (none) Admin
UTStarcom B-NAS B-RAS 1000 field field Admin
UTStarcom B-NAS B-RAS 1000 guru *3noguru Admin
UTStarcom B-NAS B-RAS 1000 snmp snmp Admin
UTStarcom B-NAS B-RAS 1000 dbase dbase Admin
UTStar UT300R Multi admin utstar Admin