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Default Passwords - Vendors - P


Hopefully the passwords below will be a good starting point for your vulnerability assessment/penetration test:


Manufacturer Product Version Protocol User ID Password Access
Panasonic CF 27 4 Multi n/a (none) Admin
Panasonic CF-28 Multi n/a (none) Admin
Panasonic CF-45 Multi n/a (none) Admin
PentaSafe VigilEnt Security Manager 3 Manager Console PSEAdmin $secure$ Admin
Perle CS9000 any Console admin superuser Admin
Pirelli Pirelli Router Multi admin mu Admin
Pirelli Pirelli Router Multi admin microbusiness Admin
Pirelli Pirelli Router Multi user password Admin
Planet Akcess Point HTTP admin admin Admin
Planet WAP-1900/1950/2000 2.5.0 Multi (none) default Admin
Polycom iPower 9000 Multi (none) (none) Admin
Polycom Sound Point IP Phone    Polycom 456 User
Polycom Soundpoint VoIP phones  HTTP Polycom SpIp User
Polycom Soundstation IP administrator **# Admin
Polycom ViewStation 4000 3.5 Multi (none) admin Admin
Prestigio 156 Multi n/a (none) Admin
Psion Teklogix 9150  HTTP support h179350 Admin
Pyramid Computer BenHur all HTTP admin admin Admin