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Default Passwords - Vendors - T


Hopefully the passwords below will be a good starting point for your vulnerability assessment/penetration test:


Manufacturer Product Version Protocol User ID Password Access
Tandberg Tandberg 8000 Multi (none) TANDBERG Admin
T-Comfort Routers HTTP Administrator (none) Admin
Team Xodus XeniumOS 2.3 FTP xbox xbox Admin
Teklogix Accesspoint Multi Administrator (none) Admin
Telebit Netblazer Multi snmp nopasswd Admin
Telebit Netblazer Multi setup setup Admin
Teledat Routers HTTP admin 1234 Admin
Teletronics WL-CPE-Router 3.05.2 HTTPS admin 1234 Admin
Telewell TW-EA200 Multi admin password Admin
Telindus 1124 HTTP n/a (none) Admin
Telindus SHDSL1421 yes HTTP admin admin Admin
Tellabs 7120 Multi root admin_1 Admin
Tellabs Titan 5500 FP 6.x Multi tellabs tellabs#1 Admin
Terayon TeraLink admin password Admin
TextPortal Multi god1 12345 Admin
TextPortal Multi god2 12345 Admin
Tiara 1400 3.x Console tiara tiaranet Admin
TopLayer Appswitch siteadmin toplayer Admin
Trend Micro InterScan HTTP admin admin Admin
Trend Micro HTTP admin admin Admin
Trintech eAcquirer t3admin Trintech Admin
Troy ExtendNet 100zx Multi admin extendnet Admin
TVT System Expresse G5 Multi craft (none) Admin
TVT System Expresse G5 Multi (none) enter Admin